Rotary indexer

taktomat stoły

Taktomat GmbH – a company based in Pottmes in western Germany, which for more than 30 years has specialised in the manufacture of premium drive systems for industrial applications and automation.

Many years of experience, state-of-the-art production facilities, and highly qualified personnel make the company an industry leader in advanced motion drive technologies.

Approximately 100 employees use the latest technologies to develop and optimise products which are perfectly tailored to customer needs.

As a result, TAKTOMAT products astound customers with innovation and first-class quality.

taktomat produkty

Taktomat – Product examples:

Stół obrotowy z krzywą bębna o stałym skoku

Rotary indexer with fixed division

Stół obrotowy z krzywą bębna o elastycznym skoku

Rotary indexer with flexible division

Liniowe systemy indeksujące

Linear indexing systems

Parallel gears

Urządzenia transferowe

Transfer devices

Pierścienie przełączające

Switching rings

Wyroby według specyfikacji

Customer-specified products

Systemy wahadłowe

Shuttle systems

Taktomat – Examples of references:

Taktomat - przykładowe referencje