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digi sens

Digi Sens – a Swiss company established in 1993 with its core business in weight measurement technologies and manufacturing of systems based on patented technology of a wire oscillator installed inside the measurement system.

Opatentowana technologia 
oscylatora drutowego
Patented wire oscillator technology
The measuring wire vibrates like a guitar string

Core business of Digi Sens:

Pomiar wagi podczas ruchu
Rozwiązania logistyczne
Produkcja systemów OEM
Wagi procesów przemysłowych

e-nventory ®:

  • Every element in the system is continually counted and weighed
  • Real-time data is transmitted to the master system
  • More than 600,000 scales installed in logistical and manufacturing processes

e-nventory ® Shelves for weighing stored products:

e-nventory 1 field for 80 kg

e-nventory 4 fields for 20 kg

e-nventory 8 fields for 4 kg

e-nventory 6 fields for 4 kg

e-nventory palettes to 1000 kg

e-nventory ® The system comprises 3 simple parts:

  1. Counting shelves and pallets
  2. Data relay
  3. Controller

e-nventory ® Application examples:

e-nventory ® przykłady zastosowania

e-nventory ® WEB application:

  • Access to networked data
  • Status alarm indication with flags
  • Information
  • Documents
  • Data reports
e-nventory ® aplikacja WEB

e-nventory ® Completed installations:

  • 1000+ articles
e-nventory ® instalacje
e-nventory ® instalacje
e-nventory ® instalacje

i-cupboard ®: Dispensing cupboards

  • Available for operators 24/7/365
  • Access for authorised personnel only
  • 104 articles in the system
  • Real-time counting of issues
  • Actual stock quantity of products in the cupboard
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